Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Street Scenes & Other Things

It's amazing what you find when you simply walk around.
My method of exploration is hopping on a train, subway car, or bus and riding it blindly until eventually it takes me somewhere I feel I want to or need to be. From there, I'll walk around and take in the area. Now, not all the streets of Chicago are clean and welcoming, but each section of the city has its own hidden gems; the street art scattered throughout Wicker Park is like a crystal cave, reminiscent of Exit Through The Gift Shop, and Banksy's art in general.
I've become accustomed to getting 'lost'. Everyday I dedicate at least a small moment (sometimes hours) to find that one Diamond for my day. This keeps me on my toes. The biggest testament to the city is the fact that it's always changing, expanding, cultivating new theories, and being washed with a sea of similar, yet very different people, and yet it's impossible to truly get lost, or even forget where you are. Chicago Is one big circle of wild wind & wonder, and these gems one comes to find (if so happen they should look) are some of the greatest unknown monuments, odes, and dedications to the city, and should be found, and admired by all living or visiting within this real of skyscrapers.
Sometimes you have to get lost, in order to be found.