Wednesday, October 24, 2012


      Help young children (or yourself) use his/her imaginations by making them felt finger puppets to play with. 
These puppets can be made into all sorts of animals or a whole village of people, and they are fun to make as well. This project is also a good way to use up any extra felt you may have in the house.


    • 1
      Cut out two pieces of felt into the same semi-oval shape. Make sure the semi-oval shape will fit over a child's finger.
    • 2
      Sew the two pieces of felt together around the curve of the semi-circle. Keep the stitches close together. Do not sew the bottom of the felt pieces because this is where the child will insert his finger into the puppet.
    • 3
      Turn the sewn puppet inside out. This way you will not see the seams of the thread.
    • 4
      Add details to your puppet by using felt to cut out eyes, a nose, a mouth, buttons and other details. Use strands of yarn for hair. Add these parts using tacky glue or a hot-glue gun; regular glue will not work well to hold the pieces together.

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